Christmas 2015


Every year Christmas seems to suddenly creep up on us! I just managed to find one of the last Christmas trees in the area and the fairy lights appear to never burn out. Where, I beg of you, has the year gone? Although, I must say, that this year was particularly intense. Not just because we have brought out a huge number of attractive reproductions on the market, no, but also because we have developed our company internally and completely moved in to our new rooms in the old edelschmiede. The edelschmiede is no longer a “one man show”, we now have two part-time workers here, as well as strong family support; all as part of our dedication to getting your orders out, as well as listening to your questions and wishes. And with much success! I would like to thank you all at this point for the many kind words that regularly appear in my email inbox, or that make me blush on the telephone 😉
And, of course, a big thank you goes to the many helping hands here behind the counter!

But, as it does “every year”, the question is once again hanging in the air: can we treat ourselves to few days off?!? I think so, mainly because we need it. So, for this reason, this winter we will be taking a break from 24.12 until the 08.01. That means that while the shop will remain open and you can browse through all the products, choose, buy and pay for them, but they won’t be sent out until a bit later, namely from the 11.01.2016 onwards. Since most of our rear-wheel-drives are languishing in the garage anyway, this will hopefully not be too bad 😉 And depending on what happens, we may even send things out earlier, so that we don’t have too much of a build-up.

On that note, somewhat more succinct that in previous years, we wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – see you in 2016!

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