Hose elbow for the throttle valve – air-flow sensor, edelschmiede reproduction

I’ve got some news today: the deliveryman just dropped off a couple of well-filled cartons in the edelschmiede. What’s inside?? Have a look for yourself:

These are the current, brand new edelschmiede reproductions of the hose elbows from the throttle valve to the air-flow sensor in the Ascona / Manta B 2.0E (Opel 8 34 435 / 90080720). The hoses can naturally also be installed in Kadett C, Ascona & Manta A – this black beauty should even fit in the D-Rekord 🙂 After our extremely successful launch of the hoses for the 24V, the number of requests for a similar product for the two-litres kept increasing, so we had these black rubber-pieces reproduced as well!

thumb upFast-decision-makers can find a bargain here: those who ‘strike’ up until Sunday the 17.04 and order this hose in our web-shop, receive a cracking 10% off this excellent part! When that isn’t a good reason to make an order, then what is? 😉

Even though its only Thursday afternoon, I hope you have a good weekend 🙂


POSTSCRIPT 20.04.2016:

Due to an influx of enquiries: this hose is the equivalent of the original part 834435 for Ascona / Manta B. However, it is also suitable for the Kadett C, as we tested out yesterday 🙂 Naturally it’s a bit of a tighter fit, but the hose still sits perfectly in Kadetts with the 2.0E injection system 🙂 But see for yourself:

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