New shop, new website, new products, new everything :-)

Hello and welcome to the edelschmiede website. Once again, I have a range of news to share with you all. So let’s get started!

The “New Products” preview can now finally be viewed again on our shop homepage. The IT workers have been gradually improving many details, making the shop easier on the eye and, more importantly, more informative. We have also finally had the whole shop translated into English. This should make it easier for all rear-wheel drivers who don’t speak German to have a browse through our wares or even to make a purchase. The language option button is located in the top right-hand corner of the menu bar. – We are, however, still working on making our shop even better. For this, we require your help: What things do you think could be improved, or what do you find especially good about our digital warehouse? Where can we afford to do a bit of a tidy up or get things better organised? I’m looking forward to receiving every response, as at some point I’m no longer going to be able to see the faults, as I am constantly tending to the shop, caring for it, adding new content and using it myself. – Something else that is going to happen in the foreseeable future is the relaunch of our main page, After almost 4 years and 60 posts, the visuals are getting a well-deserved facelift and the technology behind it will also receive a touch of tuning, in order to ensure safe operating for the next four years 🙂 In particular, we have placed emphasis on the creation of a ‘mobile view’, as many of our edelschmiede customers prefer to surf our website and shop using a smartphone or a tablet. No surprises there, it is 2016 after all! For this reason, we have also increased the range of payment options used in the shop over the years. At this point, besides the classics such as PayPal, pre-payments and payment on arrival options such as credit cards, purchasing on account, Sofortü and direct debit are now also available. This should enable us to cater for just about every preference our customers and mechanics might have (at least in the area of online payments) 🙂

Now it’s time to get back to our products, in this case the previously mentioned new products in our range. I have recruited a number of really nice pieces over the last weeks that now adorn our shelves. Included in this number are, as per usual, a range of seals for the cih engines and vehicles. Leading the pack are the two seals for our large cih rear axle with extension, otherwise known as the rigid axle from the Manta, Ascona, Kadett & co. Here we have the O-Ring around, and the outer paper seal in front of the wheel bearing towards the brake. I’ve wanted to add these two scamps to our range for a long time… 😉 Staying with the axle, the clamping ring, which is responsible for preloading the drive, is now also available in quality truly worthy of the original!

The ignition sets have also been completed in the meantime. It is still valid practice here to combine the ignition harness from an OHV engine with Bosch ignition.

Other than that, we have also broadened our range of products relating to the transmission bearings for the Getrag 240. We can now deliver the ball- & roller bearings for the main & auxiliary shafts, naturally we will continue to deliver all shaft-seal rings and various rubber parts connected with my favourite transmission.

A highlight, in my opinion, is the Bosch ignition coil for the contact-driven ignition systems. The remaining originals of these are definitely aging and good replacements have always been tricky to find. With this part, you are without a doubt on the safe side, particularly if you decide to install a new one as a preventative measure in order to avoid any eventual faults from occurring! A few smaller bits and pieces are left to round out our new products, including the steering bearing for the Kadett C and the front bonnet adjustment rubbers for various rear-wheel drives. The plastic nuts for attaching the number plate are also ready to go.

That’s about it for now, though I will say again that I am really excited about the new website and also for the much more important and no longer secret clamping rail for the timing chain in the 24V engines. With a bit of luck, this part will be waiting under the Christmas tree… The first prototype of our reproduction just arrived in the edelschmiede headquarters today! Not yet made out of the final materials and also not yet quite perfect, but it’s getting there. 😉 Here are a couple of artistic impressions, with the original part the darker one on the top and the edelschmiede reproduction underneath…
So, see you next time!

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