Angle drive bit speedometer cable 'short version', 5-speed Getrag 240 / 265, Opel cih

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Angle drive bit speedometer cable 'shorter version', Opel various

Shorter angle drive bit! Yes, this is the solution for broken speedometer cables and wobbly speedometer needles. Especially when converting to Getrag 240 or Getrag 265 5-speed transmission, one often faces the problem that the speedometer cable no longer performs as the Opel rear-wheel drive driver may wish. With this angle drive bit your problems will be over. The transformation is 1:1 and this device does NOT reverse the rotational direction, which means it is suitable for all original 4-speed transmissions, Getrag 240 & 265, but NOT for the ZF - 5-speed gear boxes! The shortened version on offer here has an overall depth of 46mm and is delivered complete with the required pin and is especially important for the Kadett C, which was originally delivered with cih 4-speed transmission.