Heating valve / heating regulator including Bowden cable clip, Opel Kadett C

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Dear Vintage - Opel friends,
I'm pleased to be able to offer you the following article:

Heating valve / heating regulator, Opel Kadett C

This is another real treat for our C-Kadett drivers. The heating-valve has been unavailable for ages, and is usually leaky, or calcified, and can no longer regulate. This part is, technically seen, 100% the original, and is naturally 'made in Germany'. BUT, as you can see in picture 4, this part is executed in exact 'mirror-inverted'. That doesn't affect the function, just makes an odd first impression. The clip for the attachment of the heating- Bowden cable is also included. With a small amount of adjustment work, this valve would doubtless also fit in the Commo A / B and Rekord C / D, same goes for the GT & Kadett B.