MVG engine oil SAE 10W-40, 5 litre canister, Opel 3.0i - 24V / C30SE / C30XEi / C40SE

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Dear Vintage - Opel friends,
I'm pleased to be able to offer you the following article:

MVG engine oil SAE 10W-40, 5 Litre canister, Opel 3.0i - 24V / C30SE / C30XEi / C40SE

And its finally here, the lubricant that the edelschmiede recommends for our 24V straight-six engines :-) You can pour this black gold into your engine with a good conscience, this semi-synthetic multigrade oil is made for 4 - valve - engines. Here is an excerpt from the Mathé product data sheet:

SAE 10W-40 is a modern multigrade engine oil for petrol and diesel engines. It is recommended for all-year round use in all four-stroke engines and especially for Turbo engines exposed to high levels of heat-stress (Otto and diesel) in motor cars and light commercial vehicles. Due to the balanced combination of HC - base oil components with especially developed active agents, SAE 10W-40 is a lubricant, that does justice to the demands placed on today's engines. This base oil, refined with HC-synthetic technology, has a good effect on the viscosity-temperature-properties by lower evaporation tendencies.

Product features:

  • Fast distribution of oil through the engine after start up
  • Clean, corrosion-protected power transmission elements
  • Prevents the dangerous build up of black sludge
  • Easier cold start up to -25° C due to very good cold flow properties

Specifications / Clearances*

  • ACEA A3, B3
  • API SL/ CF
  • It is cleared from:
  • VW according to factory standard 505 00*
  • MB-clearance 229.1*

The corresponding oil filter is naturally also available in the edelschmiede web-shop.
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We will, of course, accept the same amount of your used oil as you received from us. The return address is the seller address

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You can return your old oil during opening hours, or alternatively per post, delivery costs apply here. Please be aware, that there are certain rules for the transportation of used oil and lubricants, as these usually need to be sent as dangerous goods. For commercial customers, we would like to point out that we may use a third party in order to fulfill our obligations to you.

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