Reinz cylinder head seal 'head gasket' Opel 2.0 / 2.2 / 2.4 litre cih

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Dear Vintage - Opel friends,
I'm pleased to be able to offer you the following article:

Reinz cylinder head seal, Opel cih 2.0L / 2.2L / 2.4L

Can I get you a little bit less?!? - When you only need the head gasket, then you are in the right place! More specifically, the small rubber seal ring for the oil-uptake is naturally included, but no more :-)

This seal is suitable for all 2.0 to 2.4L cih 4-cylinder machines.

When you're looking for a bit more, and you need at least the head screws, we have those too, of course. Or if you do actually want a complete head gasket set...?!? :-)