Rivet head maker for door stop including 4 button head rivets, Opel rear-wheel drive

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Dear Vintage - Opel friends,
I'm pleased to be able to offer you the following article:

Rivet head maker for door stop including 4 button head rivets, Opel rear-wheel drive

We've already brought the set of slotted spring pins for the car door to the (Opel rear-wheel drive) man. And we've been consequently asked for the rivet for the door stop almost as many times. For this reason, I have busied myself with the old rivet-technology once more, and found a possible solution for how to properly rivet our door stops to the body. The rivet alone is naturally no big deal, rather the 'how to', or the ability to attach the rivet long-term, 'to clench it'. This is possible with the help of this small tool, which looks more like a puncher at the first glance. This is, however, the specialized tool 'rivet head maker', which helps to clinch the rivet. It just so happens, that this tool fits perfectly in the hinge of the door and the door stop. I've just tested it out :-)

So, what is on offer here? Naturally the afore mentioned rivet head maker. In addition to that, I'll throw in four of the exact-fitting button head rivets for you, these should be enough for every Opel vehicle, or could even be used to practice with :-)

What to do now? No problem: stick the button head rivet in the hinge from above and thus the door stop is already connected to the hinge. Now it makes sense to have a second man as reinforcement and two adequate hammers. Hold a heavy hammer (e.g. 800g) when possible UNDER the rivet, and with a bit of strength hold it against the loosely installed rivet. The second man should now use the second hammer to give the rivet head maker a generous hit, being careful of the rivet head. This should be repeated until the rivet is nice and clinched and thus secure in the hinge. Naturally be careful not to damage the paint job whilst you're working! Which is why a thorough practice beforehand is not a bad idea! If you wanted to wrap the hammers with fabric tape beforehand, it certainly won't put you at a disadvantage, then it won't damage the paint immediately... And, did it work?!? Awesome, right?!? :-)

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