Commodore A / Rekord C

?Coke bottle styling? is a phrase commonly heard in regards to the Opel Rekord C and Opel Commodore A. The elegant contours were based on the then-fashionable muscle cars from the United States in the mid-sixties; A number of the current owners still carry around an Elvis Presley cassette and have a quiff gelled in their hair. Few Opel models trigger as much sentimentality as the Opel Commodore A coupé does, which, for instance, doesn?t even need a B-pillar. These models had durable 4-cylinder cih engines in the Rekord vehicles and smooth-running 6-cylinder cih engines in the bigger brother, the Commodore. Decorated with a southern states flag on the tank under the boot and chrome rims with wide based tyres, these vehicles rapidly disappeared from the streets. The main reason was typical for Opel: rust :-( All the same, our fathers and grandfathers still like to reminisce with sparkling eyes about these excellent rear-wheel-drives from the 60s - you can understand why!

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