Hello and welcome

to the internet page of the edelschmiede emern! – Whether you have an Opel Old-timer to call your own, or simply want to revel a bit in the ‘good old days’ and thus opened this website, you made the right decision. We offer you interesting tidbits of information, good spare parts and fast service for all things to do with the vehicles of the ‘60s to ‘80s from Rüsselsheim. Regardless of whether you have a C-Kadett with racing stripes to whip around the bends, or are taking care of Grandma’s old Ascona, you’ll be able to find what you need with us. In short: edelschmiede! 🙂

The edelschmiede Web Shop

is the large and well-stocked warehouse for us rear-wheel-drive friends. You can find the required parts quickly or browse through our categories in order to do your car (and yourself) a favour. We don’t just stock your average parts, we also provide real problem-solvers. Above all our focus is on providing practically compiled sets, so that you are saved from having to order each individual piece separately. Our own reproduction pieces are of the finest quality and have an excellent reputation.

This digital emporium is one of the most modern and, most importantly, secure web shops available. Your personal data are safe with us and you have the choice of all available payment methods. – Give us a go!

About the edelschmiede

“Who is the real edelschmiede amongst the Opel mechanics in Emern?”, was the perpetual question with which we busied ourselves in the ‘90s. On the one side was the “1. Opel Team Uelzen”, on the other, yes, that was us. Nowadays everyone knows the answer to the old question, but we’ll just leave it at that. Read more …