A word that is just as big as it is important; first through philosophy was it possible for the ‘edelschmiede emern’ to develop and grow. As an employee it wasn’t possible for me to fulfil my desire for good service and customer satisfaction, even though that was exactly what I most wanted to achieve: make people happy! As I was already active in the vintage-Opel-scene since the beginning of the ‘90s and thus was able to recognise the huge potential here to make people happy, I made a decision; ‘edelschmiede goes company!’ Consequentially, I chose to leave my secure job in order to be able to take good care of this exact company with the slightly cheeky name edelschmiede emern! I also noticed that the vintage-Opel –scene was undergoing a transformation and that it was no longer the case that every possible penny wanted to be saved, rather that simple and good quality solutions were sought after. And this is exactly the right philosophy to make Opel rear-wheel-drive drivers happy! However, this isn’t possible to achieve just by supplying the desired parts, the surrounding framework, such as ability to deliver, service, advice and fast, professional processing are also key points in the all round carefree package from edelschmiede! Accurately attending to customer needs is the key to success. Which is why it is no rare event for the customer to be the direct incentive for a new product, or even for the product to be developed in conjunction with the customer!

Wir nehmen und Zeit für Sie!

Edelschmiede has won the trust of every single customer through service and produced extra ‘have- want- potential!’ When the ‘edelschmiede customer’ becomes a happy customer, then the edelschmied is a happy entrepreneur!


Thomas Nastke
-edelschmiede emern-