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A glance at the calendar shows that the year 2017 is coming to its inevitable end, which means that I’ll need to hurry up in order to get one last post on our website for this year. This is something that I’ve managed all too rarely, unfortunately, so I’d like to use this opportunity to apologise for that. However, those of you who check in on Facebook every now and then will know that we are much more active on our fan page than we are here. During the last six months or so, our online editor, Sandy, has been going to a lot of effort to give us Opel rear-wheel-drivers daily updates on everything to do with the rustiest hobby in the world. So make sure you take a look and don’t forget to ‘like’ the edelschmiede before you go! The edelschmiede fan page can be viewed even without signing up to Facebook, just close the sign-up page and you’re good to go…

Reproduction clamping rail timing chain 3.0i – 24V / C30SE (Opel 636802 / 90324697)

Something that has bothered us this year, particularly as we would rather be able to forget about it, is the clamping rail for the timing chain for the C30SE engines. Even though we have been working on a reproduction for the last 18 months, we still don’t have a usable product. So what does this mean? Yes, we have received a handful of prototypes from our manufacturer. These were all measured up and put through their paces. Before being thrown straight in the bin. None of them stood up the high level of quality that we expect here at the edelschmiede. As we only require small runs of our products, we are considered small fry when compared to the big fish in this industry, which means that the manufacturer only sporadically finds the time to deal with our requests. At this point I can’t give any further details about when we will be able to deliver this product. I’m truly sorry about this, but I am currently on the look out for another company that might be able to work with us instead. I’ll make sure to give you all an update as soon something happens.

Delivery costs 2018

For the last six years we’ve managed to keep the delivery costs for DHL packages within Germany stable, without any increase. However, the time has come to change that. The costs associated with delivery and packaging have risen and thus we need to increase the price of sending a package within Germany to 7,00€. This isn’t an easy step for me to take, but it’s unfortunately necessary in order to make sure that our high levels of quality remain unaffected. I’m sure that you will all understand! However, I’ve found a loophole. On deliveries over 200€ we can now offer free delivery within Germany. So that’s something, right?!?

Cable harnesses L- Jetronic and LE- Jetronic injection systems 2.0E

It’s hard to believe, but the cable harnesses are finally in stock with 100% functionality! This product was also a long time coming and had an occasionally bumpy production journey, but now it’s arrived! As of now, you can finally purchase a reproduction cable harness for the 2.0E fuel injection systems directly from us. For the reasonable price of 179,95€, the quality is of the usual excellent standard.


End of year break

As always, the edelschmiede will be closed over the holidays. This means that we won’t be available between the 25.12.2017 and the 05.01.2018. However, the web-shop will naturally remain open. During this period, we will send out deliveries on the 27.12.2017 and on the 05.01.2017, to make sure that all the orders get delivered promptly. From the 8th of January 2018 onwards the whole team will be back in action 🙂


For now I wish you all a merry Christmas, and a few peaceful days before things get louder over the New Year. I can promise you that we will have more interesting things to offer you in twenty-eighteen. So stick with us, until next time!

Thomas Nastke & the edelschmiede team

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