edelschmiede winter update

The stress of Christmas is well over and the new classic car season is coming round the corner. Gearheads – this is our time! Finally we can while away our evenings in the garage and become one with our old Opel’s; this does both body & soul a world of good. – To improve this form of therapy we have suitable ‘medicine’ for you and your rear-wheel-drive. In this post I would like to introduce a number of new parts:

Water pump Opel OHV engine

Didn’t I make a promise a while ago to pay more attention to our OHV machines? I think I did. But it certainly was a while ago! The good news is that in the meantime our OHV shelf has quietly grown to quite a good size. The latest thing for this generation of engine is the water pump. As we would rather sell another real problem solver and not just any old water pump, I’ve gathered together everything you need to replace the pump. That includes the seals for the pump to engine block, as well as the seals for the thermostat input. We’ve also created a nice set with all the screws. Now you can buy the water pump with seals and screws. The seals and screws can also each be bought as separate sets if you are planning on reusing your old water pump or if you’ve already got a new pump waiting in the wings.

New irmscher stickers

Once again, irmscher has created something awesome. There are now three new old stickers available from my favourite tuner. They’re great! Obviously, I’ve immediately added them to our product catalogue, after putting aside a few for myself, of course. My iPhone is now completely “irmschered” 😉 And on the topic of stickers, I’ve finally had the „Kadett“ logo copied out for the back of our Kadett C’s. They are now available in both glossy and matte black.

Cable harness L- & LE- Jetronic 2.0E is finally ready to go

The reproduction process dragged on forever, but the new cable harnesses for the 2.0E L- & LE- Jetronic fuel injection systems are now here, and have successfully passed through extensive testing! The first few have already been installed in various rear-wheel-drives and their owners are more than pleased with the results! This proves that not all cables were made equal… This is probably a good opportunity to let you know that this reproduction product won’t be available forever. The large plug for the control unit is in tight supply. This means that when it runs out, then the cable harnesses have run out too. 🙁 But fingers crossed that we can delight as many of you as possible before that happens. The very observant amongst you may have noticed that there are two small differences in the LE-Jetronic cable harness; the plugs for the injection valves are green, rather than the original yellow! Unfortunately the manufacturer doesn’t have any yellow plugs, but not to worry, the green ones are just as good – they’re even a bit more ‘edelschmiede-like’ in green. 😉 The second difference is the plug for the car body cable harness. The original casing is also no longer available, which is why we’ve chosen to use a similar casing and have included the counterpart in the delivery. This means that you can simply remove the three wires from the vehicle with a screwdriver and stick them in the new plug casing. Its not rocket science, but it still needs to be done.

Rocker lever nuts for 4- & 6- cylinder cih engines

The ‘normal’ rocker lever nuts (Opel 640380 / 02898618) have been unavailable in our shop for roughly the last two years. Instead we were able to offer you the racing version, which also did the job. From now on we also have a reproduction of the ‘normal’ cih rocker lever nutin our catalogue! This means that all of you who prefer to put your trust in the engineering used by Opel back in the day can now order these nuts from us and give your cih engine a treat. The nut is available individually, but is naturally cheaper when you buy a set of 8 or set of 12.

Floor plug underbody / paint drainer

All of us retailers have resorted to buying our floor plugs for the underbody from the same distributor. Until now, that is. This particular distributor no longer produces these plugs and besides which, the quality was a bit, well, meh. So we’ve taken on the challenge and produced our own floor plugs in really good, and I mean really good, quality. These plugs are hot! I’ve even got a few on my desk for stress relief purposes 🙂 Due to the costs associated with having them designed and manufactured, the single price has had to be slightly increased. However, if you need ten or even twenty at once, we now also have a bulk price available.

Air compression adaptor spark plugs

We’ve had a new tool in our shop for a little while now, namely an air compression adaptor for the spark plug hole. I’d like to bring this to your attention, as this thing can be a huge help: for instance, if you want to replace the valve stem seal with our tool „ewz007“, then normally the head needs to be removed from the engine block. But not with this new adaptor. Using this, you can screw it into the required plug opening and carefully apply pressure with the compressor on the cylinder, keeping the valve up and out of the way, allowing you to replace the stem seal or the valve springs.


So, that’s all for now. Thanks for your attention and hope to see you soon at the edelschmiede,

Cheers, Thomas & the edelschmiede team

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