Black Friday was yesterday, long live ‘Green Thursday’

By that I mean that this coming Thursday, the 29th of November 2018, we will once again be offering an 8% discount on all our products. How? Just give the discount code grueneacht at the checkout and we will automatically remove 8% off of your total purchase price:-) Be aware that the code grueneacht is only valid for this Thursday!

And what would I recommend you add to your cart? If you’re of the opinion, that you have all the edelschmiede products at home already, then let me show you a few of our new products. 😉

Rubber oil sump gasket with metal insert, 4-cylinder cih

One example of a fresh new product is our new oil-sump gasket for the 4-cylinder cih machines. We now have a proper rubber version, just like they used to make at Opel for the diesel cih engines. This is a real single-piece seal, with metal supports in the two long sides! In other words, all the places where you will later be putting screws now have a metal support inserted in the rubber. This means that the seal stays put and won’t bulge in or out. It fits well and is also super leak-proof!

All-metal release bearing, 4- & 5-speed cih transmissions

There is finally another great all-metal release bearing on the market. And it’s a stunner! I’ve installed it in my own Ascona and it’s a real pleasure! Especially when you compare it to the release bearings that were available in the last few years…
The price also compares well, as many metal bearings were being sold for much more than 100€.

Brake line sets Kadett C & Ascona / Manta B

We’ve been delivering brake hoses for these models for years, but edelschmiede customers naturally also need the metal brake lines that run from the main brake cylinder along the car body. We have had some excellent pipe sets produced from the much-loved cupronickel, also known as CuNi. These brake lines will not rust and are even easier to fit. A real win-win situation 🙂

Retention clip protection cap gearstick support, Getrag 240

Sometimes things don’t go quite as planned, which is what happened with this clip. Ever since we had the protection cap produced, it was important to me to get this clip re-manufactured as soon as possible, to make sure the protection cap is 100% secured to the Getrag 240 5-speed transmission gearstick support. I got started on this project, searched for and found the corresponding design. Then everything happened very quickly and the clip was finished shortly afterwards, properly packaged and labelled. And what happened then? Then I uploaded it into our computer system and promptly forgot about it 🙁 So this product has been lying around in our stockroom ready for delivery and I didn’t let anyone know ;-( But it’s never too late! The article description is done, the photos edited – now all you need to do is select this small but excellent accessory piece. This just goes to show that even the edelschmiede is only human 😉

Petrol cap cover hinge in set, Opel Kadet C Limousine

We’ve had the special spring for the petrol cap cover of the Kadett C Coupés on our shelves for a while; same goes for the plastic hinge for the Caravan, now we’re only missing the hinge for the Limo. Ta-dah, here it is! As a set of 2 with screws, this set puts any remaining problems with the Kadett C’s petrol cap covers to rest.

Aluminium differential cover with large oil capacity and cooling ribs, large cih axle

Those of you who really like to put your foot down (and have the engine power to match) will at some point discover that you’ve developed problems with the drive train. In this case, the cooling system and increasing the oil supply to the rear axle are good little helpers to fix this problem. That’s what this fancy cover was developed for. A third more oil volume, best quality aluminium to better divert heat and extra cooling ribs – I think that says it all! An axle equipped with this cover has a significantly reduced oil temperature, meaning that the area will last longer. But don’t use this as a reason to accelerate even more… 😉

That’s all for now. I hope that I was able to introduce a few new awesome parts to you and, more importantly, give you the 8% discount code grueneacht 😉


Until next time in the edelschmiede,


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