Autumn news from the edelschmiede: Fastening set front spoiler & other highlights…

Carnival time

has begun! Not that this is of particular interest to those of us living in the Lüneburger Heath, but it does mean that most of our babies are rugged up in their dark garages, waiting for the boring winter months to be over. To keep our spirits up, we haven’t just been practicing our dance moves, but have also let ourselves be inspired by the Opel scene to create some more reproduction parts. The outcomes of this inspiration are some great parts that I would like to introduce to you here. I haven’t managed to post for a while now, which is why I’ll go to a bit of extra effort to give you all the updates now 🙂


Old products reissued: transmission rubber 682514 and rubber buffer bonnet supports 1160715

I’ll get started with two products that we used to have, but that for various reasons were out of stock. For example, the transmission rubber for the classic cih 4-speed transmissions in the Manta & Ascona A / B. We’ve finally got this part back in stock and are happy to be able to offer it as usual with all the required screws, nuts & discs. For the “B”-models we’ve even got a complete set, including the crossbar, the transmission traverse in stock.

Getriebegummi incl. Befestigungsteile, Opel 4- Gang cih Getriebe im Ascona / Manta A & B.

Transmission rubber incl. fastening set, Opel 4-speed transmission in the Ascona / Manta A & B.


The lateral rubber buffers for the bonnet supports are our second candidates. We had these in stock for years, bought directly from the manufacturer. Since they either no longer wanted to produce them, or could no longer produce them, we set about manufacturing our own. Every buffer now has a small edelschmiede logo printed on it.


The little edelschmiede logo on every new lateral bonnet support.

This set of 4 rubber buffers for the side of the bonnet is an edelschmiede favourite. Finally available from our own manufacturer in top quality!

Bonnet prop with clip: clip bonnet prop incl. screws

Let’s stay in the engine bay. We are finally able to offer you the clip for the bonnet prop, which is frequently requested. Unfortunately, the bit of rubber that latches the bonnet prop is currently sold out. But don’t worry – more are in production. This means they will be available before the new season begins!

The clip for the engine bay prop incl. the required screws. Small, strong, black. This belongs in every Opel rear-wheel-drive 😉 Suitable for all vintage Opels with 7mm bonnet props!


The bonnet release cable also needs some security: securing part bonnet release cable to car body

We’ve even taken care of the attachment of the bonnet release cable; this part is in stock with the corresponding screw…

The cable to open the bonnet is secured to the front of the vehicle with this little clamp. The corresponding screw is naturally included…

Something new for the Oldies: Rekord C brake line and headlight seals

We admit it; we’ve treated the C-Rekord a bit shabbily in the past. To set things right, we’ve got two new parts for this Rekord on offer. One is the brake line for the front axle, and then we’ve also got the headlight to body seals as a set. As an added bonus, we’ve organised for the headlight seals to be self-adhesive on one side. This allows you to attach the seal to the headlight perfectly, sealing them 100%. Nothing will slip out of place now.

The new, self-adhesive seals for the Rekord C / Commodore A (…and naturally for the Rekord B) headlights are cutting-edge!

Brake line front, suitable for left & right. For all Rekord C (except the Sprint)

New transmission shaft seal rings to round out our program

Those of you who know us, know that we have a strong game when it comes to seals & shaft seal rings. We’ve just added two really special shaft seals to our already large selection. Both are for the transmission opening, one for the 3-speed automatic “TH180” and one for the 6-cylinder 4-speed Opel transmission, which is installed in the Commodore and K.A.D-models.

Special shaft seal transmission opening for the Opel 6-cylinder cih 4-speed transmission…

Shaft seal between converter and the transmission opening in the TH180 automatic transmission

Ventilation hose crank case 4-cylinder cih

Rubber parts, as mentioned above, are searched for daily. So I’m extra pleased that I was able to get hold of some discontinued ventilation hoses for the crank case, the part from the valve lid to the air filter box, for two different carburettor engines.

But have a look for yourselves:

Crank case ventilation from the valve lid to air filter box for the cih engines 1.6N / 1.7N / 1.7S / 1.9N in Ascona / Manta B and Rekord D & E

Hose crank case ventilation for the 2.0N & 2.0S in Ascona / Manta B and Rekord E

Transmission suspension 5-speed & automatic

On the topic of rubber parts, we also have some rubber/metal elements, used for the transmission suspension. We’ve now got the rear transmission suspension available for the few Opel GT automatic drivers out there, as well as a faithful reproduction of the 5-speed rubbers, which were installed in all Getrag 240, Getrag 265 & 3-speed automatic transmissions. Up until this point we have only had our excellent sporty version on offer, but now we’ve added this true-to-original version to give it some company.

Transmission suspension rear for all Getrag 240, Getrag 265 and TH 180 automatic transmission in original quality as a nice addition to our more rigid version.

Transmission suspension rear. For Opel GT 1.9S automatics only

Master brake cylinder for big brakes + drum on the rear axle

We’ve already introduced one new brake part for the Rekord in this post, but I’ve got another up my sleeve for you – a 23mm ATE master brake cylinder. This is suitable for all of you with vehicles with a large brake system installed at the front, but who want to continue to operate the brake drum at the back (e.g. for historical vehicle registration purposes). Originally used in the Commodore B und Commodore C series, this part can be installed in all rear-wheel-drives with ATE brake boosters, although some small adjustments may be needed. Now I’ll get to a part that we used to have in stock, but that was temporarily unavailable. The reservoir for the ATE master brake cylinder is finally available again for a normal ‘reasonable’ price!

ATE main brake cylinder with 23mm piston. For systems with a brake drum on the rear axle! Complete with brake pressure valve.

Finally back in stock: the ATE brake fluid reservoir. Suitable for all of our master brake cylinders.

We’ve had the hose bend from the airflow sensor to the throttle valve (Art.-Nr. 834435-s) in our catalogue for quite a while now. However, we rear-wheel-drivers also need the two hoses for the auxiliary air slide. These are now in stock for all two-litre fuel-injection systems! Now we should be free from air leaks…

We can provide the hoses with or without the clips

Both hoses are needed to integrate the auxiliary air slide into the 2.0E air intake system


The air & fuel systems contain many specialities, another of which is the feed-through of the fuel hoses from the tank to the underbody of the Ascona & Manta B and Kadett C. These are the models that have their fuel tanks in the boot. Here you will find two special grommets, similar to the normal floor plugs (178084), but with a feed-through for the corresponding hoses. Originally there were two versions, one for the thinner 13mm fuel hose (return flow in the injection systems and forward flow for carburettors, Opel 822865) and another for the thicker 19mm flow hose for the injection systems (Opel 822866). We had a good think before we had these parts produced and decided to combine the two grommets in one. This means that you can use our part 822866 for both the 13mm AND the 19mm hoses. How? Easy, we’ve designed this part so that both hose diameters can be accepted. If you need the thicker option, then simply cut the tapered end along the markings with a pair of scissors or a knife. And you’re done! That’s the edelschmiede for you 😉

Here is a detailed view of the new grommet 822866 once installed

Feed-through grommet fuel hose in action 🙂


This is how the grommet looks upon delivery, see the picture on the left. On the right is a picture of the trimmed variety for the injection hose

A new trinket from the edelschmiede

Fastening set front spoiler Ascona B Sport

As the saying goes, we’ve saved the best for last. The Ascona B Sport’s front spoiler is a crowd favourite. Not only the spoiler itself is rare and difficult to get your hands on, but also the fastening sets for this piece present a challenge. We are now able to provide a complete fastening set for this spoiler. This is great news, as with this set the spoiler is returned to its original state and, more importantly, is really secure! A big thanks to Patrick Mertes for his help in organising this set!

The white speed nuts are a new reproduction from the edelschmiede. Here is a closer look at the installation kit for the Opel Ascona B front spoiler

This set includes all the components needed for mounting the spoiler

And what else? What’s still on the cards?

That’s all from me for now. Just ‘for now’, as we have many more projects in the pipeline, we’ve got a long winter ahead of us… I can, however, reveal some of them now. The set for attaching the side rocker in the Manta B is just about finished. We also have an awesome brake line set for Ascona / Manta B and Kadett C in the works. The one-piece rubber / metal oil sump gasket for the 4-cylinder cih engines is also just about done. And the valve cover fastening for the 2,4 Omega valve cover is also new! In my opinion, these are some real crackers and I have really involved myself in their development, which makes me even prouder to be able to add them to our program. The new oil sump gasket is especially great 🙂 I’ll let you know more on these products soon, I promise. I won’t need a whole year this time 😉

See you soon, park your rear-wheel-drive away safely, or just keep on driving. I’m going to put one away and keep the other one ready to drive when the weather improves. At least, once I manage to install the new 2.4 engine…

Greetings from the edelschmiede



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