The ‘edelscraper’ is ready!

Hello hello, my dear edelschmiede customers and sympathisers,

Sadly it’s been a while since I’ve written here, but today I’m finally back. A quick note to start with: we are much more active on Facebook at the moment, where we are able to constantly communicate with you all. The page is completely accessible, even without signing up to Facebook (just close the sign-up page…). Here’s the link: edelschmiede Facebook Fanpage.

Now that’s out of the way, I’ll to get to the point of this post. We’ve got a free giveaway 🙂 With every order over 100€ we’ll include one of our ice-cold edelschmiede ‘edelscrapers’, effective immediately! But read it for yourself:

Fearless rear-wheel-drivers stick it out even over winter, but without this accessory they’d scarcely make it through the coldest of seasons. This is what the world was waiting for, and now we’ve answered your call! This means: at least until the end of the year you will AUTOMATICALLY receive this ice-cold piece for FREE with every order over 100€! The best bit: our edelscraper also works on all other vehicles; it scrapes ice without fail, even on winter cars and vehicles from another brand out of Wolfsburg 😉

Happy scraping! Thomas & the edelschmiede- Team


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