New parts for old Opels in the edelschmiede

The sun is already a little lower in the sky, as the rain-spoiled summer turns into the meteorological autumn. We ‘edelschmieders’ have got together, after listening in to the scene and as a result we now have a number of great new products for our catalogue. Some of these we had planned long beforehand, but others simply fell into our laps – to sum up, the new parts round out our product list nicely and are sure to please at least a few of you 😉

Hose-bend for the airflow sensor cih 3.0E

Hose-bend airflow sensor to throttle valve Opel cih 2.5E / 3.0E

I would like to take this opportunity to single out the suction hose / hose-bend between the airflow sensor and the throttle valve for all 3.0E (and 2.5E) cih machines from the Senator A / Monza / Commo C. Just under one and a half years ago, we very successfully reproduced the 2.0E hose, now the coveted ‘3 litre hose’ gets a turn 🙂 I could rave about the quality of this hose, I am so pleased with how it has turned out 🙂 You’ll be convinced of this yourself, if you choose to order one.

Irmscher lower suspension setting springs for Ascona B / Manta B

35mm lower suspension setting springs, Opel Ascona / Manta B

We also have some news from the irmscher house. We can now dispense the very good lower suspension setting springs for the Ascona / Manta B, effective immediately. The springs allow your old Opel to sit about 35mm deeper (GT/E & GSi 15mm deeper) and are, of course, acceptable for historical VIN numbered vehicles. Furthermore, these springs aren’t only a visual treat, they also function properly. THE alternative to accessory-brand springs!

Transmission oil refill for the ZF 5- speed transmission

Transmission oil refill ZF S5- 18/3 5- speed transmission

After offering oil refills for the rear axle and Getrag transmission for the last six years now, the time has finally come: the oil refill for the ZF 5- speed transmission is here! 🙂 And how could you expect anything else from us – this isn’t just any oil, no no, we called Mr. and Mrs ZF directly and they mixed us up the perfect oil for our S5 – 18/3 transmissions. From this, we have made up bottles in the preferred oil refill size, in this case 1.6 litres, and there you have it! As per usual, it comes with an easy-refill pipe, allowing for a no-fuss pour into the gearbox.

That’s enough news for one day, but there are many more exciting parts that we have recently added to our range! Have a look for yourself 🙂



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