The edelschmiede as official ‘irmscher classics‘ partner

Those of you who know me, know that Mr Nastke is an irmscher fan. From the very beginning, the edelschmiede website boasted a picture of my irmscher C40SE engine, or more specifically of its valve cover. Now something truly wonderful has happened: I have started up a collaboration with Günther Irmscher Jr.! We met through the reproduction of the head gasket for irmscher 4.01 – 24V engines. For you, this means that as of now, a selection of irmscher classics products are available for purchase directly off our shelves. To start with, naturally, the aforementioned original irmscher cylinder head gasket C40SE / 4.0i – 24V. And as I was already there, I was also able to get hold of a number of items of remaining stock. Relevant to the head gasket, we can also offer the legendary irmscher valve cap 4.0 – 24V / C40SE / 4.0i-24V, as a new part from the old stocks. For those who favour the Kadett C, I was able to acquire a small number of original irmscher front spoilers & rear spoilers (only for limos!). Really cool things! To round out this offer, we have the yellow / black irmscher-tuning sticker, which was everywhere in the 70’s, and still looks excellent today! I am so excited for our new collaboration, with this news the new season can only start well…

New screw sets & individual parts in our repertoire

There is, of course, other news to share from the edelschmiede. A few weeks ago now, I introduced a couple of new products into the shop, which are still visible on our homepage under ‘New Products’ . We have finally managed to assemble the screw sets for the rear axle of the Ascona / Manta A and also the Kadett C. Prompted by numerous requests, you can now finally choose to buy the fuel hose / fuel pipe, 8mm outer- / 6mm inner diameter and the cross-member / cross-bar for the transmission to car body, Opel Ascona & Manta B individually.


Clamping rail (Opel 636802) for the 24V / C30SE timing chain is still not ready

As I mentioned a while ago now, the reproduction of the sought-after clamping rail for our 24V straight sixers (to which the C40SE naturally also belongs) is still in the development stage. The supplier is starting to test our patience actually, as the prototype development is not progressing as I would like. Obviously, we are only a veeeeerrry small fish for such a firm with our small order quantity. They prefer to produce 500,000 pieces for the original run. But it’s well known that good things take time, so for this reason I’m not yet ready to lose heart and I still believe in the good in people. As soon as I have any news about the clamping rail, I will pass it on. Until then, I hope that we all have nerves of steel 😉


See you soon, maybe on the 1st of May in Wedel..

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