Break-time at the edelschmiede, we’re putting our feet up

The „15% discount offer“ is finished, as are we! Many thanks for all the extra orders – two thumbs up 🙂

For this reason, admittedly on very short notice, we will be closing the edelschmiede between the 5th and 18th of August! This will be the first “break” in the two years since we first opened the edelschmiede, and our ‘tanks’ are empty. And since I am not only “the edelschmiede” and “the Nasi”, but also a father & a husband (and would like to remain so), we need a bit of time in order to refuel.

What does this mean in plain terms??

We are closed from Monday the 05.08, until Sunday the 18.08.2013.

During this time, our eBay shop will be switched over into “vacation mode”. All articles will remain online and can be searched for and watched, they just can’t be bought! The eBay shop will be brought back online on Saturday, the 17th of August. From then on you can start buying again, and we will start sending things out starting on the Monday. All items bought up until the 5th of August will of course still be sent out, no question about it. During our break we will be answering neither the telephone nor our emails, which makes sense, right?!?

With that we wish both you & ourselves a nice, relaxing two weeks. Anything that still needs to be bought, can be ordered up until Sunday.

The Senator A & Monza drivers amongst us now have a bit more time to lie in the sun in peace, maybe with a beer, and reconsider if they perhaps really do need a set of chassis springs

Greetings from the edelschmiede

Thomas & the little edelschmiede team

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