‚edelschmiede’s noble cherry‘, the official hot drink!

“Does a mail-order business for Vintage – Opel parts need an official hot drink?”, you ask yourselves???
”Of course!”, is the easy answer!
A small yet delicious sachet of colourful gummy bears could be found with every order throughout the rest of the year, however the winter months will be sweetened with the excellent tea from edelschmiede. This drink with its pleasant ‘Cherry – Banana’ flavour is a real hit and from now on will be specially filled and labelled for the edelschmiede. And if as a die-hard mechanic you prefer to consume a cool blonde whilst watching Sunday night crime, then your fair wife will almost certainly not be averse to the change. – So put the kettle on and give it a try. It tastes good, promise! ☺

Here is the recipe for this treat:

  • 1 mug (roughly 0.2L) of gently boiling water
  • 1 bag ‚edelschmiede’s edelkirsche‘
  • Sugar or your preferred sweetener to taste (roughly 1tsp)
  • Roughly 8 minutes steeping time

If you’ve done everything right, then the end result should look something like this, enjoy!

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