Final cancellation of the reproduction springs

I’ve been putting off writing this for a number of days, because I am just as disappointed by this outcome as the edelschmiede customers, who would have loved to be able to install these springs in their larger Opels. Unfortunately, the previously announced reproduction has come to nothing!

Let’s start at the beginning. Once we had finally decided to make a reproduction, there were still a number of details that needed to be cleared up before we could get started. These were mostly technical. The Senator A and Monza have two different spring designs for the front axle. The ‘Chrome-model / A1’ has cylindrical springs and the later ‘A2’ has slightly conical springs. H&R, however, can only produce the cylindrical springs for such a small order run, which means only for the ‘A1’ models. Unfortunately, there is much more need for the newer version, which means the conical springs. After talking to Dirk Lohman from, we have finally decided to shelve this project. Sorry to all those interested! And I really mean that. I’m not just saying it because I should, but because I, too, was heavily invested in this repro!



M9 Hexagon socket (Allen) screw for the intake- / exhaust manifold will be available again soon

As compensation, we have other attractive parts on offer, promise! We have already briefly mentioned this on the Opel rear-wheel-drive forum. As we speak, the hard to come by M9 Hexagon socket (Allen) screw (8 50 789 / 850789) for the intake- / exhaust manifold in cih engines is being reproduced. This excellent set for the 4-cylinder cih engine with four hexagon socket screws & two of the normal hexagon screws can be yours for 24.95€. However, the manufacturing process still needs a bit more time, so we are planning on having the deliveries ready for the beginning of August. I will happily accept pre-orders for this set. All orders made before the end of July will receive free national (letter) postage 🙂

And that’s everything for today. We have lots to do, so thank you all! Nevertheless, we are always striving to ensure that all orders continue to be sent out quickly and without issue. Occasionally, something still goes wrong –  we’re only human after all, but good ones at that… 😉

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