So wird’s gemacht (Here’s how it’s done)

Exactly! These 3 (4) ‘key words’ are the title of the oil-smeared Bible of every hard-core hobby mechanic.

How often have we studied the circuit diagrams, tightening torques or the wheel bearing clearance in order to make sure the car is good to go on a Friday evening just before heading to the disco? Whilst yet again browsing through the worn out collection of loose pages, one notices that this is a rare item from a time before the internet and the fast-paced, throwaway society that has since come about. Because the good old ‘so wird’s gemacht’ for our old Opel models is no longer available at the counter of the local part-pedlar! Not even from the edelschmiede! STOP! But that’s why we have the internet!

Under you can find copies of no longer available editions to browse through, study or even learn from FOR FREE, I repeat, for free (!!!). This was an excellent deed on behalf of Dr Rüdiger Etzold, so many thanks to him And for everyone else, here are a few direct links to the most useful of the technical reports:

Opel Ascona / Manta A & B

Opel Kadett B & C

Opel Omega A

Opel Rekord C & D & E


I wish you lots of fun with your online studies of both the edelschmiede site and the ‘so wird’s gemacht’ series


NOTE: ‘so wird’s gemacht’ is only available in the German language.

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