Angle drive speedometer available again as of now!

Almost as soon as I had penned, or rather uploaded, the blog post yesterday, I received multiple enquires on the topic of angle drives. Yes, as I said, these are once again available to order, new and improved.

Winkelantrieb Tachowelle, für Getrag 240 & Getrag 265

Angle drive ‘normal version’

Angle drive ‘short version’, for Getrag 240 & Getrag 265

Front: short version 46mm; back: normal version 60mm installation depth

Angle drive as seen from the speedometer

Here you can see the difference. The normal angle drive is suitable for most Ascona & Manta A & B and in some Kadetts. To be honest, in the case of the Kadett B, I am yet to receive an experiential report as to which angle piece gives the best fit. In the case of the Kadett C, all vehicles that were originally delivered with a cih engine and a 4-gear transmission usually have a very tight tunnel. As a rule, there is no other option, other than installing the shorter version. The installation data are listed below:

Installation depth of the angle drive

  • Standard: 60mm
  • Short: 46mm

To finish off, here is a picture of the new edelschmiede sticker, which are now included in every delivery 🙂 The outgoing orders have been sweetened with the sticker “Alt, aber …leider geil !“ as of last week…


I wish you all a good start in the new week! Bye for now, from the edelschmiede

Thomas 🙂

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