Christmas 2016

Because it was worth it! – What exactly? Taking a break between the end of one year and the start of the next was worth it for us. ‘Technically’, the edelschmiede is closed during this time, but we will send out deliveries sporadically all the same, so that you don’t have to wait too long for your parts and also so that we don’t build up too much of an order queue. Same again this year. We will send out all the orders we have accumulated directly after Christmas and again just before New Year’s. In the fresh new year of 2017 we will send out another batch and then from the 9th of January onwards we will ‘really’ be there, ok!??

Review of 2016

Before we make ourselves scarce, I wanted to say a few more words. Naturally only good ones, since it is almost Christmas after all 🙂 The best news of all is that I have hardly any bad news to share, as we are super pleased with this past year of business: not only have we added many new parts to our range of products, but we have also had a number of good reproductions manufactured to further improve our catalogue. Even within our small team things have improved – over the year we have grown closer together, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. This has also invariably been brought to the attention of our edelschmiede customers, namely at the moment when their orders arrive like a shot. The Opel Oldtimer parts fit perfectly, are of high quality and you receive exactly what you originally ordered from us.

Things to improve on in 2017

But that’s enough gushing praise for now, as we also have one or two dark clouds on our otherwise clear horizon. The clamping rail for the 24V / C30SE timing chain (Opel 6 36 802 / 636802 / 90324697) hasn’t quite made it into the pile of presents for this year. I was able to hold the first prototype in my hands, and can report that it was quite ok for a first prototype, but no more than that. Now, though, we have all the relevant details, some of which we were not previously aware of, so the manufacturer will be able to work out the required changes, to get things rolling again. An exact release date isn’t yet set, so we’re still being kept in suspense 😉

In summary

Everything is great and when it remains as things are, then we would be completely satisfied. Thanks to all of our edelschmiede customers and Opel rear-wheel drivers for remaining loyal to us and also for sending me frequent words of motivation: Don’t stop, people 🙂 Another thank you to my competitors for playing fair! After all, we are all in the same boat and no one needs to start a war here, especially as the world out there is bad enough as is. Live and let live.

On that note, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – see you in 2017!

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