The edelschmiede is going on holidays! From the 4th August 2014 until the 22nd August 2014

As I already mentioned in my last post in the web-shop, the countdown has started: In two more weeks we will be flicking off the lights here in the edelschmiede for close to three weeks,  to give us the chance to properly recharge!

A truly excellent year with many high points lies behind us. The edelschmiede has achieved an even better position in the market for Opel rear-wheel-drive spare parts and the web-shop has been running at full speed for close to three quarters of a year – so a big thanks to all our customers and friends! Not just for your purchases, but also for the constant stream of kind emails, feedback and mentions. This is what makes us so strong and we hope you never stop. We are always receptive to praise (and naturally also to admonition, when something goes wrong).

Last chance on the 6th of August

So folks, when you want to be able to drive off on holidays with your rear-wheel-drive, make sure you give your vehicle a proper check up. We will be taking orders up until the 3rd of August and sending them out until the 6th of August! Everything paid for after that time will be sent out immediately after we have reopened the gates to the heavenly halls… 😉

So, we will check back in with you on the 23rd of August, fully tanked and with a boot full of new treasures! See you soon!

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