edelschmiede goes on TV

I have had an idea in my head for ages now, that, for a number of reasons, I never pursued further. – And then Inspector Coincidence came along: Clemens from Hallen TV, well-known from youtube and facebook, is an old friend of mine. And what can I say, over a fresh lemonade in the smoky edelschmiede headquarters in Emern City, it happened; a coalition between the edelschmiede & Hallen TV! Our shared baby is called the ‘edelschmiede edelguide’ and will help us mechanics by personally explaining one or two things. Stupid instruction manuals are likely to land directly in the workshop oven, whereas an edelschmiede edelguide is (almost) always there when you need it and can explain the installation process, or the function of our edel-parts, in a fun and easy manner! In the first video, Clemens shows us how to mount the ‘gearstick repair kit’ directly onto the Getrag. Thanks to Clemens, it is already possible to tell that our coalition is noticeably more successful than some of the others here in the north…, so: go!


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