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So, it’s finally happened! My good old friend, our old web-shop, is gone! Why? Tcha, because even a web-shop gets on in years and becomes unsuitable for future use. In contrast to our old vehicles, websites simply stop functioning when they get too old. Which meant that sooner or later we were going to have to find a solution. This wasn’t at all difficult, as there was an acceptable successor to the old shop, expressed in Opel-speak as a “Web-shop B” 🙂 The first, somewhat naked, prototype went online today –  we have released it into the world, still completely bare, without any extras or facelifts. This will naturally change, as over the coming weeks (sorry for the long wait-period) we will make it more suitable, both optically and functionally. Or in other words, we will ‘tune’ it, until we are 100% happy with the result. And it’s really important to us, that you will be happy too. So, we would really appreciate any reports about what you liked, or even what you didn’t like and should be fixed at all costs! But please don’t complain too much, as I always take that sort of thing home with me and let it out on my wife 😉 😉 😉 (Direct quote from one of the software workers today, when I told him that I would start complaining to him, because the new shop isn’t yet finished… ;-))


I’ll report back soon with more news! The shop is naturally still fully functional, so things can continue as per usual 😉

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