Holiday time :-)

In September last year, I agreed to my wife’s request that we finally fulfil her yearlong dream of having a beach holiday on the Mediterranean. Almost immediately, she snuck to the travel agency and brought us the idea of Majorca.

And today, quite suddenly, our holiday has come around and our plane leaves tomorrow… Which means it’s probably a good time to let the edelschmiede’s customers know about it! So, I’ll be away for now, but my colleagues will hold the edelschmiede sceptre high and ensure that everything will carry on as normal. Except for perhaps the small detail that I won’t be able to offer any support over the next two weeks, which means no technical assistance or advice. Conni & Martin will manage everything else in the usual edelschmiede manner. So, see you later 🙂 (…from the 13th June)

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