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The once regular news bulletin here on the edelschmiede website has become much more rare – sorry about that! It doesn’t mean that we haven’t introduced any new parts, just that we are no longer introducing each new part here first. 🙁 New items are generally displayed for the first four weeks on the web-shop homepage, so that regular ‘edelschmieders’ can keep themselves up to date that way. But it is much nicer, in my opinion at least, when I also write a few words about each piece here 😉 So on that note, here, once again, is one of the rare posts where I try to bring a bit of light into the darkness 🙂

Opel OHV ‘sewing-machine engine’ – seals

I want to start with the most banal products that are, all the same, super important for keeping our rear-wheelers alive. In this case, we are offering something for the more size-challenged of our engine styles, the Opels with OHV engines from the “sewing-machine generation”. – We finally have the most important seals for these machines in stock in the usual Reinz quality. It has certainly taken a while to get these done, even though I have often been approached about them, but now they are here and awaiting entry into your Kadetts & co 😉

New rubber seals and springs for the prop shaft 4-gear cih

We have had the prop shaft springs for the Getrag transmission on offer since the beginning of the shop, but now the springs for the 4-gear cih transmission are finally also on board. And we’ve also had the small seal ring freshly reproduced – this is always included with the head gasket, but occasionally it is also needed individually. While we are on the topic of rubber seals, when an oil cooler with original adaptor from the Senator A / Monza is installed in a cih, there is an extra seal to the timing case, the seal for both versions (up to & from engine code) is now also available on our shelves, for all those who no longer stay “tight” 😉 Still on the topic of rubbers, we’ve now got some for the windscreen water pump. This rubber seal ring is frequently requested, which is why it is now available for immediate delivery.

Shaft seal for the differential inlet, Opel 4 06 725 / 90079069 reproduced in original quality

It is my pleasure to be able to share with you the highlight of this post. These are articles that I have had on my list for a long time, or that are requested more often than usual, but weren’t available for delivery. We will start off slow, with a horn, by which I mean a car horn. This is a great accessory piece, suitable for our rear-wheelers to plug & play. With this part, sounding the horn is fun again 🙂

Next, a piece that has actually always been in our catalogue, but this time a bit different: the shaft seal for the differential input for the large cih axles> with extension. These axles are installed in all Mantas, Asconas and Kadetts (& GT). The shaft seal that we have had available up until now was still a bought-in part, good but not quite perfect. But I got fed up with it and finally had this part reproduced in edelschmiede quality. The final result is once again dream-like, which means that although it costs a few pennies extra, it is now perfect and incomparable with all the other similar parts on the market. And since we are already at the rear end with the differential, ta da, the two tin half-shells, that house the centre bearing from this exact cih axle, are also available. So, for all of you who aren’t following exactly what I’m saying, there’s a central bearing damping ring, yeah?!? And IN this ring sits the centre bearing, the SKF ball bearing, ok?!? Yes, but this ball bearing can’t simply be stuck into the damping ring, uh uh, these two tin-halves are also essential to absorb the bearing and prepare a base within the damping ring. Thus, the bearing will sit as it should and it will also be well protected.

Lamps and Getrag rubber parts are here!

Something I’ve had on my mind for a while now is a “bulb box“.
No, I don’t mean a box for gardening, rather a small, but content-rich box, containing the light bulbs for our rear-wheel drives. We’ve taken on this project with the company Spahn (An original equipment manufacturer for German-produced vehicles) and have compiled this awesome set for our own vehicles, which will fit in every glove box.

Delivered straight from the manufacturer, we now have boxes and boxes of rubber parts for our Getrag transmissions right here. The inner damper ring (Opel 7 38 963) hasn’t been available for ages, except for horrendous prices. To remedy this, we’ve had the damper ring and two other rubber pieces reproduced. The first is the ”protective cover“ (Original Opel: protective cap gear stick, no. 7 61 538), which sits under the gear stick in a Getrag 240. Most of us wouldn’t even have known that there should be a piece of rubber there, since it has become so rare. But not any more… The last part that I want to introduce today is also a cap, the sealing cap (Opel 6 62 630) for the opening of the release lever on the passenger side of the clutch bell housing of Getrag 240 and Getrag 265 transmissions. We have had all these parts exclusively reproduced in the highest quality.

And with that, I’ve come to the end of this newsletter. Thank you for reading it all and I wish you all the best for the remaining sunny autumn days. See you soon in the edelschmiede!

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