Special tools for Opels both young & old: Part 1!

Just in time for Father’s Day, we once again have a number of treats for the tool-happy amongst us Opel rear-wheel drive gear-heads: small, yet special, little helpers that can make the daily grind of the garage a whole lot sweeter! We have introduced, or rather produced, four new articles into our program, all of them tools for the Ascona, Manta, Kadett & Co. Although it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t happen to own these tools, they will certainly help make things much more bright and cheery! And that would be a bit of a shame with this glorious spring weather, wouldn’t it?!? 😉


To start off with, may I introduce the „Happy – Stick“. With this tool it is possible to ensure that the clutch disc is immediately centred in all cih engines. No matter if you have a 4-gear, 5-gear ZF– transmission, or a Getrag model 240 or 265, the new clutch centring pin puts a stop to any messing about without a suitable centring tool.





Next up we have thedisassembly tool for the window crank handle. There must be 1000 different ways to detach this part and this is one of the more convenient options. Simply place it behind the crank handle and apply a bit of leverage and ‘clack’, off comes the annoying clip. By the way, this tool comes to you with two extra clips, as the things have a habit of flying straight through the workshop…




All good things come in threes, right? Yes, almost. Tool number 3 from our new selection answers to the name „SS17“ and is a 17mm Allen wrench that one can, for instance, simply stick into a 17mm nut, in order to remove the oil funnel screw or the oil drain plug from the Getrag transmissions. This superb piece of steel has been nitrified and then oxidised, so as to give the Opel gear-head a good measure of fun. As it should be! As a high-quality alternative to home-made tools, this is certainly a hit!




Lucky last! The thickness gauge is no hand-crafted special tool, nevertheless it is extremely important, for instance when adjusting the valves. This part is naturally also of ‘edelschmiede quality’, in all-metal design, which means no breakable plastic screws or so…




Why, you may ask, does the title specify “Part 1”??? Put simply, we have a number of other nice pieces in the ‘edelschmiede quiver’, so to speak. They are not yet quite ready, but should appear soon in the shop, so watch this space! And don’t go tooooo hard this Father’s Day, but a bit of fun never goes amiss! On that note: Cheers from the edelschmiede! 🙂

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