The edelschmiede goes to Wedel, or: The maiden voyage of the 4 litre Ascona

The 1st of May is reserved as “Father’s Day” in the Nastke house, as on this particular Public Holiday I make the trip to Stade for the Vintage Opel fair at Opel Cordes. This year, the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>fair</a> took place in Wedel by Hamburg for the first time. This wasn’t too bad either, as distance-wise it’s a bit more convenient for me to get there from Emern. Another first was to take place for me this year; my ‘baby’, the 4.0i – 24V Ascona B, was to be ready in time to accompany me there without any problems. And without any extra help, of course! And what can I say?!? She did it *hooray*!!!


No sooner than the short-term number plates were printed, I had already left the daily business in my wife’s hands for the afternoon, snatched up my son Hannes and taken the green lightening bolt on an extensive test drive. And she is like lightening! Such a car is sure to attract attention. People stare, marvel at you, give you the thumbs up and smile. Wonderful. There was of course that one woman at the intersection, who wasn’t best pleased with the exhaust system and despite my 40Km/h raised her fist, rather than her thumb. Mother, you are forgiven 😉 As we returned to the edelschmiede after almost 100km I was sure of one thing: “The Ascona will make it to Wedel”. And I packed my things for Wednesday.

<h2>The journey to Wedel</h2>

I met up with the first of my colleagues bang on 8 o’clock directly at the edelschmiede, before picking up another mate on the way. We then drove North together with two Opel Kadett C Coupés and my Ascona B. Shortly after 10 o’clock, we arrived at the fairground and we were able to settle ourselves on the last free stretch of land on the main block. First on the to-do list was an inspection of the old metal. We looked, marvelled, examined and talked about all things petrol! This continued until the early afternoon, only interrupted for the intake of food &amp; fluid. I was able to personally meet many of my customers, it’s a great feeling when one can finally match faces to names and email addresses. 🙂 Hello to all of these faces from us at the edelschmiede!


After we had said our goodbyes at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we made for home at a good pace, arriving at around 4:30pm. And with a decent sunburn on my face at that. Yes, the weather was faultless: as it should be when Opel rear-wheel-drive drivers travel. Lovely! Thanks to my mate Benny, who is responsible for taking these first-rate photos! Some of them can be seen here…

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